Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xaverian Epic Part 1

Labor Omnia Vincit is the St Xavier's Institution's(SXI) school motto. It simply means "labour conquers all". The fact that we see the SXI floorball team today training regularly every week with an average of 15 hyperactive Xaverians is the testimony that this motto remains true today and is the trait of all true Xaverians. The Xaverian epic is the epitome of what pioneering spirit is all about.

3 years ago.

It all began 3 years back. Brother Kenny Khoo(picture below), back then from Frontliners pioneered the first generation SXI team.

The original purpose was to give the students an avenue to express themselves in the right manner through floorball. The school then allowed the floorball club to be pioneered rather than having boys wasting their lives on unhealthy activities.The training was held at the Street Soccer court at 5pm to 6pm every monday 3 years back. SXI is the first ever boys school to ever form a floorball team in Malaysia.

Is that all???

to be continued

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