Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh when the Saint's go marching in! 14/10/2009

"Oh when the Saint's go marching in!"
This is the best song lyric to represent the training on the 14th Of October 2009.
A total number of 35 PEOPLE! attended training.Welcoming new and old players.
It is the highest attended training in the history of SXI Floorball Club.
Praise God for that!


What are you looking at punk?

Excited faces!

Coach Explaining the Snake Drill

Bonding between Brendon and Fred! =D

Showing Off

Some defenders drill.

Getting into teams.

"Bring it on"

As training ended,the management team announced the players participating in the exhibition on the 18th Of October 2009 in Shang Wu.9am- 12pm

Team 1
  1. (C) Gray lee
  2. Michael Cheah
  3. Ho Jun Yi
  4. Kenneth Yeap
  5. Algin Tan
  6. Jeffery Lim
  7. Bryan Tan
  8. Darien Tan
Team 2
  1. (C) Ong Ray Gan
  2. Walson Chua
  3. Marcus Kam
  4. Daryl Ooi
  5. Fred
  6. Alpha Pan
  7. Gideon Joseph
  8. Alex Vellu
Players listed down here,must be at Shang Wu on Sunday by 9am for warm up and everything will begin at 10 am.Everyone must wear their KK shirt and sports attire.Thank you.

SXI Floorball Club
Management Team

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