Sunday, February 1, 2009

When There's No Training...

*Many apologies for the late post*

There was no training this week as it was Chinese New Year weekend. You would have thought that everyone (coaches included) might put the floorball stick down and start daydreaming about the many ang pau they will receive (coaches included?) and the yummy CNY goodies. WRONG! Think again. Any opportunity to play, we play.

There was a 'play for fun' session at PBSM (where else?) with a respectable attendance even though CNY was only two days away. (More than 10 people. Sorry, writers do forget things.) Two hours of game time, two hours of juniors and ladies (anyway can we shorten this??) vs seniors. Michael was in charge of leading the juniors and ladies and did a very good job. The seniors, as usual, were dominating with their super speed and super strength (no, not like Superman) but the juniors and ladies put up a fight and improved as time went by, after guidance from the coaches of course.

With 300's first PFL game just a few days away, ALL THE BEST TO THOSE PLAYING!!

GONG XI FA CAI everyone!!

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