Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steven Tay, 28 (2002-present)

Technically sound and very versatile is the self-acclaimed Captain Marvel of Frontliners. Always plays with a smile on his face whether from muscle constrictions or simply enjoying himself. One of those players who never seem to get ruffled whenever and wherever, he brings a calming influence to a team driven to death by its President.

Likes to take the ball for a long spin, running circles around opponents that can sometimes get him in trouble. Not capable of killer passes or shots, but a reassuring presence whenever playing.

He played in the early Contact 3v3 Challenge, Penang League and Youthwave.

Verdict: Seemingly a rather anonymous year for him, probably because of work commitments.

Play of the year: Carrying out his balancing/juggling act of work, floorball and other responsibilities to perfection when so many others would have just stopped coming.

Prediction for next season: To continue coming for training whenever he can and participating in tournaments whenever he can. However much he can.

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