Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Simplified Report of Training

If you've ever visited the BBC Sport website and followed the live text commentary on football, tennis, etc. you'll find that they sometimes change reporters when the one on duty has to cover another event. Now you get the simplified report because those BBC reporters are super awesome and this writer is nowhere near them.

It's seemed like ages since the last Saturday training was held. The team of Frontliners 300 were too busy upsetting the books in Penang League. Training was also cancelled last week as more than half the players in Frontliners were students. So as you can understand, an air of suspense and impatience was hanging over the players before training. Especially when word got out that there would be a different coach for the day.

No taskmaster Jason and perfectionist, mad genius Kuan Yang to drive the players crazy? No wonder so many players showed up that day.

The coach that day was none other than Nicholas Teoh Ping Hooi.

So training started off with passing, and with both Sharron and Soon Khai around, the players took shots to warm up the keepers. The goalposts, however, were missing, so Michael ingeniously stacked three benches on top of each other.

The next few drills were various combinations of passing and shooting.

Following the pass-shoot, something like that drill, was 2-on-1. Stand-in coach NIcholas then pitted the Div. 1 and Div. 2 players against each other. The D1 guys, of course, took full command with their super speed and 'where did that come from?' shots. True to their never-say-die attitude, Julian and Tristan did put in some goals although most of the time they would find themselves upset by the benches. More than often the ball would end up hitting the benches (or Steven) four or five times before one of them eventually decided to lob it high enough to go in.

With the absence of influential centre Michael, things were a little shaky but they soon picked up pace, with Sachin even getting a hand in goal with a lob from his own half.

Training ended when players started dropping like flies. Okay, maybe not falling on the ground unexpectedly but they were tired and there were no more players to substitute. After that, a few words from Steven and money collection from the new ah long, Kenneth (accidentally called Caleb by Steven).

And everyone is encouraged to attend training sessions to make sure there will be no slacking off with the next game only in 2 weeks.

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