Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Training

Training was more technical than physical this week. Coach Kuan Yang's drills were mainly focused on the tiny technical details, such as ball protection and short, fast passing. Even for the end-training, traditional match time, hardly anyone broke sweat as line changes were called very often.

Yep, it was training at its very normal, weekly best.

And how the players rejoiced at the feel of consistency that was long lacking.

For the first drill, it was warmup passing with a slight twist in it. Players would stand at opposite ends, and both would run (one with the ball) to the other end. Upon reaching the other end, the one with the ball would do a quick turn and then release the ball to the player standing opposite.

The drill that followed was ball protection. The players first did it without their sticks, then with their sticks. The price for losing the ball? A measly two pushups, though some claimed to have been told five and thus ended up doing more than they should have.

Good for them.

Kuan Yang then called for slippers, bottles and cones, mixing them together and getting... the triangle-pass. First-timers, quick and short passes around the one-stick long spaces between the three objects. This was to train players to move right after releasing the ball, and not just stand at the same spot, waiting.

With still no keepers in the horizon, the players did their snakes and shooting drills keeper-less. Again, Kuan Yang expected the players to score over the one tiny bench that guarded the goal. Two, yes, a very clear two pushups were waiting for those who missed a shot.

Megan, the two-goal hero of Frontliners 300, somehow preferred to shoot at the CM, Agong, and Ladies way above the goal.

And just before match-time was the killer-pass.

In the game, although the seniors had the edge over the juniors, it was who else but Michael who broke the deadlock with a great drag shot into a keeper-less goal. The seniors, however, quickly increased their tempo and ran out comfortable winners.

And finally, after training, most of the players bundled into Kuan Yang and Roselyn's cars to watch Bullets play against Phoenix.

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