Friday, March 20, 2009

300 G5: Pictures

The boards extra heavy today, lady?

Coach Jason taking a break from all the seriousness.

Julian showing Coach Jason the right way to do it.

Tristan definitely not afraid to get stuck in today!

[Oops, wrong person to pass to!]

Oh, Megan, the hair!

Verina savoring her rare excursion into the court.

Tiny Captain Michael.

Yung Ming of Phoenix taking a breather.

Coach Jason pleased with 300's first-half display.

"Still time? Then pray."

How long can you hold out now, 300?

Sonia keeping tight shackles on her man.

Julian having a go.

Megan whacked in the face.

Breakthrough for Phoenix with six minutes left on the clock.

Crushed 300 cannot believe what just happened.

Coach Jason issuing a rallying call during timeout.

Yellow Captain leaving Black Captain in his wake.

Samuel of Phoenix overcome with fierce joy, 2-0 to Phoenix.

A demoralized 300 out there.

300 hit rock-bottom when Phoenix put the final nail in their coffin.

300 wishing for the game to be done with already.

The much anticipated battle of the captains that turned out to be a low-key affair. Off day, maybe?

Tradition demands it... although you can bet that some in yellow would love to kick tradition for once.

"Well, lads... It's a hard one to take as I felt we were the better team..."Sound familiar, Man Yoo fans?

The long, contemplative faces of deep thinkers.

And for the best... the largest picture, reserved for Tania who played her last game for Frontliners 300 that day.

1 comment:

ky said...

well lads, i heard you guys did well, keep it up.

learn from the mistakes,
grow with the experiences,
and challenge the difficulties.

as for tania,
see you around,
on the other side of the court.

happy floorballing guys.
till then,
see you all in april