Friday, March 13, 2009

300 G4: Pictures

Frontliners 1-1 Firebrands. (not for long)

A very nonchalant Daniel Tan after scoring his second goal.

Kenneth powering his way past.

Daniel Tan stepping up to the spot.

Referees getting a tongue lashing?

A frustrated Captain Michael during half time.

Less-than-sexy Lin Ken taking on the role of temporary coach for Firebrands.

Michael's turn to shout, as Coach Jason lost his voice.

A bemused June sitting out her second consecutive bench penalty.

Captain Michael unleashing yet another shot.

Anxious Firebrands.

Freehit that resulted in a penalty for 300.

Penalty save by Bryan on Michael's Unihoc Curve 1.5

Megan's flying new hairstyle.

A visibly relieved Michael after scoring the equalizer yet again.

Timeout called by Coach Jason.

Even the bench is cheering 300 on for one more goal.

Julian finding himself blocked out by the ever-present James.

...every reason to be proud of your next-door neighbours from FGA.

Each team grateful for their ever-present supporters.

Team talk for the disappointed Frontliners.

A croaking Coach Jason talking things over.

Contrasting figures: A disappointed Soon Khai and a jubilant Firebrands.

Spartans whether win, draw, or lose.

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