Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tristan James, 12 (2008-present)

Comes on-and-off, now-and-then for trainings, cut off a month or two before October due to UPSR, but still hung on to make it back right after the exam passed.

As proven in the recent Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge (Juniors), he's one energetic kid when it comes to floorball. Often at loggerheads with Julian Tan, he was a bit frustrated being a substitute for the team. Fortunately he did get over that, and played pretty well after, preferring to be partnered with Wayne, for some reason.

Since joining the club this year, he's been a very fast learner, albeit cheeky. Athletic and has good game sense, ditto Julian and Wayne.

Enjoys and has a gnawing urge to go on the offence like he just can't help it. That attacking tendency of his is not all bad, considering the fact that he does have reasonable shots.

Verdict: Tristan is an eager learner and player, keen and impatient to let loose on the court and always agog for anything floorball.

Play of the year: Z'Liners. Played well, bursting with energy, ready and willing to give it his best on court, raring to get off the bench and onto the court. Scored important goals too.

Prediction for next season: The Coach himself expects Tristan to be a player to watch. In a matter of time, of course. In the near future, though, FFC will see him turning up for trainings regularly with that same eagerness to play.

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