Tuesday, February 10, 2009

300 G2: Pictures

Soon Khai organising his wall.

Guilty party of two.

Half time: 1-0 to 300.

Aiks, referees already putting up their feet?

Take a breather, gulp down that water... now what did coach just say??

Come on, 300/Bullets!

Face-off for the second half.

Julian the provider, squaring the ball for Megan to score.

The entire team celebrates Megan's goal.

Captain Michael celebrating a superb goal, 300 are 3-0 up in no time.

Soaked in sweat but still fighting: Isaac Ng.

Captain Michael going in a little too strong on Hai Chin.

Subsequent freehit by Sheryn.

Resilient Bullets: always together, win or lose.

Sweet, sweet victory.

The making of fine orators in the later years of life, hey?

Bullets gracious in defeat.

One for the record books: 300 record their first ever win in Penang League.

Grateful players from both teams thank their supporters.

A bushed-out but contented Captain Michael.

Two very contrasting ways of celebration by Julian (left) and Tristan.

Warming down those tired legs.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h those muscles...

Proof of a very thorough and effective warming down.

The smiles are out after 300's historic win over Bullets.

300's two yellow warriors.

Not forgetting, of course, Soon Khai's clean sheet: something of a rarity.

And finally... (to appease Coach Jason's complaint over not having enough pictures of himself) take a good look at the brains behind 300's first ever victory.

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kaitarng said...

good job 300....! let's see some fire on the ball burning through the opponents' goalkeepers' gloves...hit it hard, hit it accurate!