Tuesday, February 3, 2009

300 G1: Pictures

Frontliners 300 playing away.

Kit(wo)man doing her job.

Today's kit: Black.

300 enjoying themselves while running.

Captain Michael stylishly leading warm-up.

FRONTLINERS! What is your profession?!!

Captain Michael giving Tristan some pointers.

Tension is written all over Megan's face as the game is about to start.

The smiles are out already, as Falcons go 2-0 up.

Another goalmouth scramble just prevents Falcons from making it 3-0.

Megan celebrating his first goal in months.

Even the ladies outsize 300.

Michael (hidden by referee) reeling off in celebration.

Scoreline says it all.

A buoyant 300 at half-time.

Team talks at half-time: Come on, you lot!
Face-off: Start of 2nd half.

Timeout called by Coach Jason to organize 300.

Jason Selva of Falcons demanding an explanation for the two-minutes call.

...all the time in the world to take that pass, aye?

Soon Khai looking to launch a quick attack.

Rare, individual foray by Megan up to the Falcons' half.

All hands on deck to stop the Falcons!

Face-off, 6-2.

Captain Michael walking up to the face-off spot after an unfortunate own-goal.

Customary speech by captains.

Probably end up with aching necks tomorrow after all that looking up...

A somewhat embarassed team saluting their supporters.

Coach Jason debriefing his tired troops.

Two glum goalscorers: Michael (left) and Megan.

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