Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tan Soon Khai, 20 (2008-present)

Possesses one of the most distinctive (fluorescent orange) shoes just in front of Kuan Yang's yellow shoes, in training. Soon Khai joined the club in June and became goalie in July. Has good reactions and instinctive reflexes, sometimes optin for the more acrobatic and amazing leaps when a simple save would do. Doesn't mind playing outfield if the opportunity presents itself.

Often the butt of jokes by Nicholas and Kenny for god-knows-what-reason, but takes it all in good humor.

Participated only in Z'Liners this year.

Verdict: Regularly came for training since he joined the club and a willing learner so far, the two things all coaches love, especially in this club where regular attendance is uncommon.

Play of the year: Helped keep 300's scorelines respectable, pulling off confounding (lucky?) saves that had the crowd's hearts in their mouths, especially against UniHawks (who blasted 16 goals in 7 matches) where they lost by 2 goals only.

Prediction for next season: Probably won't reach Sharron's level next year or in the years to come, but to continue to improve and be a stalwart for Frontliners' second-string team.

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