Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sanjeevan Sivaraj, 19 (2006-present)

The one defender everyone can rely on who will not take silly risks or carelessly lose the ball. His accuracy and eye for goal from distance is amazing, often finding the one spot keepers cannot reach. Will not try the incredible when there is another safer, maybe slower way. Could look to release the ball faster rather than invite opponents to tackle.

He played in Contact 3v3 Challenge, Penang League, Youthwave and Z'Liners, coming in as 1st runner-up in Z'Liners.

Verdict: Better than average, though not surpassing last year's performance. His one mistake that cost so much overshadowed his Penang League performances that had been excellent so far. Attendance in training has dropped lately.

Play of the year: His top-draw penalty past Lin Ken that helped send Spartans to the final of Z'Liners.

Prediction for next season: He once used to be one of the first names on the line-up sheet/board, but his position is not so secure now and will not be as long as he keeps missing training. Maybe to get a fresh start next year and put this troubled year behind with some great performances.

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