Friday, February 20, 2009

300 G3: Pictures

Koay Yi Lin in no mood to be nice today!

Home (Griffins) in Black; Away (300) in Yellow.

Coach Oliver of Griffins surprised.

I'm with sexy.


Ooooo... Frontliners! and Let's Go Griffins!

Face-off: Griffins vs 300.
Referee imposing himself early on.

Great view from here.

First two minutes inevitably goes to Griffins.

Captain Michael mobbed by his teammates after opening the scoring.

Griffins congratulating Gim Hoong (shaking hands with keeper) after his equaliser.

Ztec Griffins 1-1 Frontliners 300

Julian in one of his rare ball-chasing moments.

Finally got the wall all sorted out.

Yet another two minutes for Griffins.

Apparently, Julian has other things on his mind...

Ever-gaya Kuan Yang giving some pointers to Michael.

...What's there to laugh about? Well, Coach said laugh...

Would you look at the size of that mouth (Coach Jason's)! others try to duck for cover.

Second-half face-off: Has Lin Ken changed his shorts?

Captain Mikey with his trademark hands-up celebration as the team comes running out to celebrate with him.

2-1 to 300; let's hope it stays that way!

Coach Jason reorganising his team after being reduced to four.

Fortunes reversed: Griffins down to three.

Griffins' three players on court all in defence.

Megan fighting off Daniel Boey.

Gim Hoong outmuscling Megan who looks shockingly underweight here.

Captain Michael doing what he does best.

Time-out called by Oliver to revitalize the Griffins.

An anxious but quiet Coach Jason.

Julian at his best: getting into open spaces but lacking the finishing touch.

Captain Michael watching on as yet another shot is saved by Amos.

Gaffer Oliver pacing the sidelines, shouting instructions... where's the chewing gum?

A relieved and jubilant Captain Michael at the final whistle.

Three cheers for Frontliners 300.

"Good game... good game... good game..."
300 thanking the crowd for their ever-present support.

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