Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Training 300509: Sweat It Out

After two long weeks of Frontliners sweating it out in the exam halls, it's time to sweat it out on the courts again. It was split training this time with Coach Nick and Michael taking charge of the juniors and girls. Frontliners also welcomed a new member, Melanie.

The very fluorescent orange balls were missing so our very creative duo decided to use shuttlecocks as balls to practice the Spartan Shield. Let's face it: shuttlecocks can never replace the round, holey ball, proven by the bored looks on those present stopping halfway through the drill.

Enter Julian and Tristan with the very familiar bag and out came pouring the orange balls much to everyone's delight. Drills and drills but two hours are definitely not enough. Game time was when the kids go wild and the seniors like Steven take it easy. The seniors started to come, and Coach Kuan Yang took over and was really getting into training, since Div 1 is coming up.

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