Friday, June 26, 2009

Spartans G1: Let the Games Begin!

Meet the Spartans

Frontliners Spartans kicked off their PFL Div. 1 2009 campaign with an 8-3 win over Dalat Eagles on Tuesday. With the first two games of the league already providing goal fests for Penang’s floorball supporters, many would think a trend would follow. And it was a goal fest indeed.

Frontliners, in particular Kuan Yang wasted no time and opened the scoring about 2 minutes into the game. Not long after, the Spartans scored again through Wei Jian, on his debut.

However, a foul by Steven resulted to a penalty to Dalat and their captain Jason (yeah, both side’s captains have the same name) duly converted. Frontliners squandered their two-goal cushion when a defensive error opened up space for Dalat Eagles to equalize with a thunderous strike.
The match not only provided goals, but entertainment too with both sides working hard on the full international sized courts trying to capitalize on defensive errors and open spaces. Su Rong, also on league debut scored two goals in the first half and Algin made it 5-2 for the Spartans going into the break.

Frontliners started the second half with less momentum than in the first. Goalkeeper Sharron pulled off reflex saves which was very appreciated by both fans and players. The same can be said too of Dalat’s.

Su Rong rightfully claimed his Man of the Match status with a goal that sealed his hat trick thanks to a neat Spartans counter attack.

Pei Li, playing as centre for the first time showed no trace of nervousness as she went up against the big guys of Dalat, sometimes even giving away free hits for fouls.

Spartan’s captain, Ming Hwee displayed some of his dribbling skills from the half way line, slowly maneuvering between players until the ball ended up in goal.

Frontliners’ 8th goal was scored by Wei Jian, which pretty much put the game out of contest. Dalat however scored one more goal to make the final score 8-3.

Smiles were all around Frontliners camp as Kuan Yang and captain Ming Hwee gave a rundown on the night’s events.

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