Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Training 130609: Temperature

Well woman the way they time cold I wanna be keepin' you warm
I got the right temperature for shelter you from the storm

Imagine that. Frontliners Floorball now has its own soundtrack to training, kindly provided by the rapper trio of Julian, Tristan and Kyle (Sachin here and there).

But indeed, it was the right temperature for training, as illustrated by the model below:
...no need to stand under any miserable trees.

[Vote: (a) Hot girl passing by OR (b) Frontliners doing awesomely in training]

For a warmup, and while waiting for other players to arrive, a star pass in slow motion was incorporated. Then, when the bulk of players arrived (Ms. Yi Lin could be heard a mile away), Coach Jason called the players together to get them into 'pairs of two' and do some passing.

Initially, the entire group of players bunched up at the far end of the court where the trees provided some kind of shade. However, Coach Jason quickly put an end to that, ordering the players to spread out evenly.

After some time, Coach Jason again called the players together, instructing them this time to get into 'pairs of three', evoking giggles and smothered laughs all over. Quite conscious of that, he amended his earlier statement into 'groups of three'.

In this drill, two players would stand at opposite ends, while the other was the runner in between. In a slightly 'V' position, the runner would run to one end, receive the ball, turn and pass to the other player. The runner would then repeat this movement another 19 times.

This drill was to help the players, especially centers and defenders, when they received the ball at the sides, to know who was around them and where to pass to.

Most players forgot to count their runs, and so ended up doing more than asked for.

In no time at all, Coach Jason called the players together for the final time, and announced game time. One question... where were the goals?

So in a very football-esque tradition, Coach grabbed two pairs of slippers and placed them at opposite ends.

The players were divided into four teams: one with the rapper trio, the second with Kuan Yang and ladies co., the third with the big boys, and the fourth... with Yi Lin's friends. A 5-on-5.

Roselyn 1, Big Boys 0 (no kidding!).
Yue Shern and Steven tussle for the ball. No prizes for guessing who's who.
A very modest Kuan Yang after a stunning solo goal against the big boys.
New player brought by Yi Lin, Wei Jian.
All right, fellas, strike your best pose!
Kuan Yang showing off... again.
You know it's bad when the kids start following Kuan Yang's example..

The temperature rose and rose, until finally Coach Jason called an end to training, happily announcing that training will be held in PBSM next week.

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