Friday, May 15, 2009

Training 090509: Suicidal

For two weeks running, there was only one training session. This time however, Coach Jason took charge of training as Coach Kuan Yang was missing in action. There were more girls in training this week, including kung-fu keeper Sharron, who played as an outfield player this time.

More drills as usual with the usual PMS stuff. Is training getting too usual? Trust Coach Jason to switch things up. Boys and women were separated from the men after a few drills. The boys and women did a new drill, which was quite fun. Kinda like two snakes going at each other and fooling the defender in the process. Although it was hard to understand at first, as they say, practice makes (almost) perfect.

The men on the other hand were doing some drill where they had to make the ball bounce off the wall. And yes, not forgetting suicides for all.

All the players then regrouped and Coach Nick took charge for a couple of drills. After that, more suicides. Oh yes, we did it twice. The boys then faced the women during game time and the men were split into two lines. The boys claimed they would definitely beat girls and Coach Jason decided to let them do suicides twice if they lost. Not that it would have mattered cause these kids have enough energy to power a thermal station.

In the end, the boys didn't get the suicides and the men provided plenty of entertainment.

Training ended with Coach announcing that there would be a friendly against Innebandy on Wednesday and that selection for PFL Division One had begun.

So, for those who didn't play in Division Two and are up for it, sharpen those blades and find that inner athlete.

Note: All the best to those sitting for exams over the next few weeks. :)

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