Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Training 020509: The Philosopher's PMS

This week training reverted back to the good ol' 9am-12pm and had an attendance of more than 10 guys (bloggers should start counting heads now) and one girl. Where have all the girls gone? Guys, get your girl friends to come.

Coach Kuan Yang took charge and the drills somehow felt much longer with less water breaks.

Training started off with passing followed by many other drills, starting with the famous snakes. The drills had elements of Coach Kuan Yang's PMS (that's passing, movement and shooting) philosophy. Some drills were new to some especially to the juniors, girl and newbies. Which makes us 8.00-10.30 training session people wonder when was the last time we had training under Kuan Yang.

Coach also incorporated real match situations into the drills. More passing, more moving, more shooting (in short, more PMS-ing) until coach called for game time.

Oh yes, and in between there was a little matter of suicides.

3-on-3 for juniors and girl, 5-on-5 for seniors. Four minutes a game. The juniors looked like they were having the time of their lives. The seniors, as usual, were moving so fast you'd lose track of the ball if you blink.

Okay, a little over-exaggerated there... but you get the point.

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