Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Playground Floorball II

After many floorball-less weeks, it was fitting to have training back at Taman Gelugor, complete with the hot sun, colorful slide and... sleeping apek.

And of course, nothing would be complete without the dearly beloved, ever-gaya Kuan Yang, as coach.

It was share and share alike in the court, as the usual basketball junkies came over to have their weekly throwabout. Making full use of the reduction in space, most of the time for training was spent on one freehit situation, done again and again to drill the players into remembering it.

Ingenius plan, really.

Also, since there was only one thing done over and over again for the whole of training, there leaves nothing much to write, except for one short quote by the coach (do check out the quote of the week) that left Michael and Jason rolling on the ground with laughter...

...which of course, the coach ignored.

Kyle and Nick Toong really enjoying their physical battle.
Coach correcting Mike and Julian's positioning.

Fun fact: Women have it tougher than men to take off at full blast (according to Jason Chan). Whether true or not, players in the wall, if doing their job correctly, need very strong quads to get off the ground quickly. Fact.

The players were in fine form now, getting into their stride, so much so that the poor uncle woke up, took a look at what was going on, then left. To Kyle's relief.

Endless repetition leaving Mike a broken man.

The players carrying out their punishments after Coach added a twist in the drill: push-ups for defenders if goals are conceded, and push-ups for attackers if goals are not scored.

The basketball junkies still playing despite the heat left Coach with no option but to use two nice bottles (as requested) as goals.

Jason, the ever-charming salesman, diplomatically went to the b-ballers and persuaded them to give up their half for a few minutes.
It was like pinball, as Coach would throw in another ball whenever the original went out. Fast, messy... but fun.

And then as promised, the players vacated the court after time was up, blatantly ignoring the MPPP rules to occupy the oh-so-lovely slide. All in all, training was good.

As always la.


FloorBall Hockey U said...

I love that Playgroud Floorball
That is super good!

†GaIjInZ† said...

PLayground floorball ROCKS!!!