Friday, March 12, 2010

Playground Floorball III

Unfortunately, FFC does not have a full-time club photographer, so make do with more and more words.

Our beloved "home ground", PBSM was unavailable again that week, so Frontliners trained at Taman Gelugor again, bringing some life to the otherwise quiet neighbourhood.

With Div. 2 in a week, Kuan Yang was still practising dead-ball situations. This time, it was less messy. In the absense of the b-ballers, Frontliners could utilise the whole court and have more game time.

That was about it.

Oh YEAH, Frontliners welcomed a new player to the club, a GIRL. Really.. when was the last time we introduced a new female player with the sudden influx of SXI guys over the recent months?

Introducing.. ZOE CHOW ZHU QING (photographer needed here, seriously), who finally made it for training after constant bugging from Pei Li.

and she impressed even Coach Kuan Yang.

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