Monday, April 26, 2010

300 G4: End of A Battle

Anyone remember two years ago? Don't you wish we had pictures to remind you?

Unfortunately, no visual will be provided again so bear with the many words.

Flashback: 2 years ago, Frontliners' second team, then known as the Trojans were, let's say, the team that got whipped. (like, 17-0) Back then, having only one line or one and a half lines was common. There are only two survivors from that team today.

Fast forward to the present day and now, 300 is full of hyperactive kids and a few girls. However, the thrashings will remain a part of 300's history.

300 came up against debutants Trailblazers in our final game of this year's PFL. The game was pushed back into the evening as it was a school replacement day. Coach shuffled the lines this time as he wanted to experiment with new tactics.

Face-off time and at first 300 was slow off the blocks, slowly revving up their engines. Even the defenders were sloppy at the back. Not for long, though.

Kyle opened the flood gates nearly 2 minutes in but no one really noticed. The stadium was almost empty and the few spectators were pro-Trailblazers. (Frontliners were the away team for that day. Explains a lot, doesn't it?) Kyle added three more in the space of 6 minutes with help from strike buddies Tristan and Daryl. One of the goals included a smooth corner, part of a drill Coach Kuan Yang has emphasised on.

Fred got onto the scoresheets too after linking up with Marcus. Tristan scored the 6th with a wrist shot after providing 2 assists for Kyle 5 minutes prior. Walson hit a double between 300's barren spell.

During the half, 300 defender, Sachin, described as the Rambo of FFC and running into him is like running into a brick wall (as stated in his 2009 player review) was unintentionally bulldozed down by two girls from Trailblazers. (sorry, dude.) New as they may be, those Trailblazers pack a mean punch, in a good way.

Before half time, another goal went in to make it 10-0. 20 minutes to go.

Tristan wasted no time in getting 300's second half on the way. Having set up more goals than scoring in the first half, he scored his third of the game and 300's 11th.

300's forward line were having a ball and gave Trailblazers a tough time with wrist shot after wrist shot. While Kyle, Tristan and Walson dominate the scoring charts, defender Choon Hong (a.k.a Nick Toong) got on board as well. Marcus got on the bandwagon too with 5 goals in the second half.

There was a period mid-way through the half when the secretariats were given no rest time. Marcus hit the net at the 10th minute and added another 6 seconds later (the stats don't lie.) After a time out was called, Kyle scored two more in 20 seconds. Good job secretariats!

Reader, you're probably bored by now after all the stats so eventually, it ended 0-26.

With that, marks the end of 300's PFL Div. 2 campaign. Good job to the keepers and defenders for keeping a clean sheet.

And the final man of the match can of isotonic drink went to...
DARYL OOI.. who was often left unnoticed in the middle by Kyle and Tristan but ran like a Spartan and displayed qualities of a player any coach would want in their team.

To team Trailblazers, you fought till the very end. With that, we, 300, salute your courage. We've been there before so let this be a stepping stone in your floorball journey and most importantly, don't give up!

What's next? Prize giving!

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