Sunday, November 22, 2009

Training 211109: Of V Passes, Triangles and Parallels


yes.. FFC's blog has finally been updated after being on hiatus for a month.

And you'll only know what the title means if you came for training. So, come for training!

Like Coach Jason, most of the Saints and Salvation Army boys were missing in action this week.
Soooo...we welcome back...(it's a time like this where a club photographer would be much appreciated)

Coach Kuan Yang and his (lack of) 'come on la guys!' yells.
(there were lots of yells just none which said 'come on la guys")

Training started off with V pass (or V-pass?) with those in attendance lazily dragging their feet to the middle of the court and were suddenly brought to life with coach's yelling.

Frontliners had two newcomers this week in the form of potential goalkeepers,
Parvin Raj and Omprekash from Saints.

Omprekash showed good promise as a goalkeeper eventhough he had no equipment whatsoever.

Su Rong, sporting a new hair cut, was fashionably late.

Coach Kuan Yang got more into the tactical side of the game by trying to get the idea of the V pass into players' heads, which explains why all the drills were based on the first thing we learnt that day.
The drills were very different from the usual warm-up drills we've been doing for weeks. No snakes, nor ones originating from Japan.

Instead, there was one that went on for what seemed like forever. 3-on-2.
5 push ups for missed passes and 2 push ups for something to do with shots.
And a triangle must be existent at all times.

Kuan Yang resorted to using the multi-coloured balls to use as pointers for his lectures after each round when his old (or maybe just cheap) marker ran out of ink after one use.

Nick and Jeffery dropped by for a visit and ended up joining in during game time.

Compared to the previous week, this week only saw one hour of game time. Coach hoped the better players would at least put in elements of the V-pass into their game.
You gotta ask him if they did.

Coach Jason showed up right at the end and delivered a short, but meaningful (sounds corny, doesn't it?) message.

"Keep floorballing"

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