Thursday, April 23, 2009

Training 180409... and a little friendly.

It's one week to Youthwave, and tension is rising!!! (for some) Kenny and Jason Lim made a surprise visit. There also were a couple of new Saints. Kuan Yang led the army of Frontliners, as Jason was away on a 'Treasure Hunt'. On that day, Frontliners were going to have a friendly against Sabahan team, Nomads.

Before training started, Kuan Yang instructed the players to be in groups of three, form a square, leave one edge open, pass to the person behind you and run to the empty edge... Bet you didn't get that...

Training started with a Frontliners welcome for the newbies after warm-up. Then, the drills began. Sharron was goalkeeping while Soon Khai played outfield. After that, the players did Snakes, and shortly after that, the X-Box drill. After a short break, Kuan Yang divided them into two groups, both doing different drills.

While this was happening, team Nomad arrived with their bags, and so did referees Jo-Wyee and Lin Ken. So Kuan Yang divided us into four lines to face just six Nomad players. Advantage Frontliners.

Three periods, 15 mins per period. Only lines 1, 2 and 3 went on during the first period, while the juniors of line 4 joined the army during the 2nd and 3rd period.

First Period: A goal from a newbie made it 1-0.

Second Period: A mistake in defence allowed Nomads to score. Kenny slotted in some goals. Nomads got tired. Score uncertain (actually I forgot).

Third Period: A good display from Frontliners. 6-1 final score, Frontliners berjaya!

After the end of the friendly, Kuan Yang called for match time between Frontliners. Lines 1, 2 and 3 mixed to form two teams which faced each other. Line 4 and the girls played against each other.

Kuan Yang gave info on Youthwave.

"Yellow shirt, black shorts, black socks!"

Tristan, however, did not have black socks, neither did many of them. So...

"Yellow shirt, black shorts, white or black socks!"

Then, everyone just started flying away back home for some well deserved rest... and since it was almost 2 o'clock...MAKAN!!

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