Friday, February 11, 2011

Review 2010

PFL 2010 Div II

Fixtures & Results

6-Mar-10 Frontliners 300 vs FireBRANDS 0-4 (0-1, 0-3)
27-Mar-10 Frontliners 300 vs FireBRANDS Patriots 7-1 (3-0, 4-1)
3-Apr-10 Frontliners 300 vs Spearhead 2-4 (1-2, 1-2)
24-Apr-10 Frontliners 300 vs Trailblazers 26-0 (10-0, 16-0)

Final League Standing

1 FireBRANDS 4 4 0 0 35 2 8
2 Spearhead 4 3 0 1 24 7 6
3 Frontliners 300 4 2 0 2 35 9 4
4 FireBRANDS Patriots 4 1 0 3 7 28 2
5 Trailblazers 4 0 0 4 1 56 0

Players' Statistics

Tristan James 7 7 14 -
Kyle Matthew 12 - 12 -
Walson Chua 8 2 10 -
Marcus Kam 6 2 8 4
Fred Lee 1 5 6 2
Daryl Ooi - 3 3 -
Sachin Christian Gopal - 1 1 2
Sonia Frances Gopal - 1 1 2
Toong Choon Hong 1 - 1 4
Ong Ray Gan - 1 1 -

All-Star Team:
Goalkeeper: Omprekash (Frontliners 300)

Right Defender: Ruben Lai (Spearhead)

Left Defender: Amelia Lim (Trailblazers)

Centre: Daniel Boey (Spearhead)

Right Forward: Daniel Tan (FireBRANDS)

Left Forward: Tristan James(Frontliners 300)
PFL 2010 Div I

Fixtures & Results

24-Jun-10 Ztec Phoenix vs Frontliners Spartans 9-2 (2-0, 3-0, 4-2)
13-Jul-10 Frontliners Spartans vs Ztec 8Cers 6-6 (2-1, 1-2, 3-3)
27-Jul-10 Innebandy! Co vs Frontliners Spartans 5-0 (2-0, 1-0, 2-0
12-Aug-10 Frontliners Spartans vs Minden Unihawks 9-2 (0-0, 3-1, 6-1)
19-Aug-10 Frontliners Spartans vs Contact Fireants 2-4 (1-1, 1-0, 0-3)

Final League Standing

1 Ztec Phoenix 5 4 1 0 70 15 9
2 Innebandy! CO 5 4 1 0 44 9 9
3 Contact FireAnts 5 3 0 2 18 36 6
4 Frontliners Spartans 5 1 1 3 19 26 3
5 Ztec 8cers 5 1 1 3 24 43 3
6 Minden Unihawks 5 0 0 5 13 57 0

Players' Statistics

Khor Kuan Yang 7 3 10 4
Michael Cheah 3 3 6 -
Algin Tan 3 2 5 -
Jeffery Lim Chooi Poah 2 - 2 4
Kenneth Yeap 1 1 2 -
Nicholas Teoh - 2 2 6
Darien Tan Wen Song 1 - 1 2
Ho Jun Yi 1 - 1 -
Lee Su Rong 1 - 1 -
Chan Ming Hwee - 1 1 2
Steven Tay - 1 1 -

Monday, June 28, 2010

What is the storm?

"If they score ten, (we) don't care. We'll score eleven." -Kuan Yang

Frontliners Spartans had a cracking opening match against Ztec Phoenix, a similar team to last year's champions in all but name.

Before the match, manager Jason Chan laid down no required scoreline. He required only one thing of the players: that they play like Brothers for according to him, win or lose, Brothers (and Sisters) stand together.

The tension was hanging heavy over the court as the players waited for the whistle to blow. The supporters, a considerable number come to support the Spartans, also seemed to hold their breath in anticipation. Would the Spartans repeat their historic, nail-biting draw with these giants again?

First period. The Spartans were quickly reduced to four when the referees deemed their wall to be too close to the freehit spot. They held out without conceding a goal, thus settling some early nerves. However, the inevitable duly arrived when Phoenix slotted in their first and second goals. So the first period ended with the score at 0-2, but not without Phoenix suffering some scares of their own, as the Spartans subjected them to some lightning-quick counter attacks courtesy of Nicholas and Jeffery.

Second period. Lulled into a sense of overconfidence and maybe having slightly raised expectations after a positive first period, it was no wonder that the third and fourth goals came in quick succession after the start. Shaken, the players welcomed the whistle that signaled the end of the period, but not before a fifth was added: a very special and equally controversial airhook by Termin at Sharron's right post.

Third period. Given a mild dressing-down by manager Jason Chan, the players responded with vigor and upped their game. However, Phoenix was already on a roll and the break had not slowed them down. A sixth quickly went in, but the change in tactics called by Kuan Yang caught them at unawares, and they were on the back foot for awhile. It was now a more open and flowing game on both sides, meaning more goals went in at both ends. Even on a bad ankle, Kuan Yang spearheaded the team to score two devastating goals past Leonard, who had had very little to do in the first two periods. For the defense, it was an even more backs-to-the-wall job for the defenders who were forced to throw themselves into every tackle and block to stop the rampaging Phoenix forwards.

Final score: 2-9.

It was not to be the Spartans' time that day, and consummate skill triumphed over fierce passion, as Phoenix ran out deserving winners of the match.

"Don't let anyone tell you that you didn't play well," was Kuan Yang's urge after the match.

...for what is the storm, when BROTHERS stand side by side?

Monday, April 26, 2010

300 G4: End of A Battle

Anyone remember two years ago? Don't you wish we had pictures to remind you?

Unfortunately, no visual will be provided again so bear with the many words.

Flashback: 2 years ago, Frontliners' second team, then known as the Trojans were, let's say, the team that got whipped. (like, 17-0) Back then, having only one line or one and a half lines was common. There are only two survivors from that team today.

Fast forward to the present day and now, 300 is full of hyperactive kids and a few girls. However, the thrashings will remain a part of 300's history.

300 came up against debutants Trailblazers in our final game of this year's PFL. The game was pushed back into the evening as it was a school replacement day. Coach shuffled the lines this time as he wanted to experiment with new tactics.

Face-off time and at first 300 was slow off the blocks, slowly revving up their engines. Even the defenders were sloppy at the back. Not for long, though.

Kyle opened the flood gates nearly 2 minutes in but no one really noticed. The stadium was almost empty and the few spectators were pro-Trailblazers. (Frontliners were the away team for that day. Explains a lot, doesn't it?) Kyle added three more in the space of 6 minutes with help from strike buddies Tristan and Daryl. One of the goals included a smooth corner, part of a drill Coach Kuan Yang has emphasised on.

Fred got onto the scoresheets too after linking up with Marcus. Tristan scored the 6th with a wrist shot after providing 2 assists for Kyle 5 minutes prior. Walson hit a double between 300's barren spell.

During the half, 300 defender, Sachin, described as the Rambo of FFC and running into him is like running into a brick wall (as stated in his 2009 player review) was unintentionally bulldozed down by two girls from Trailblazers. (sorry, dude.) New as they may be, those Trailblazers pack a mean punch, in a good way.

Before half time, another goal went in to make it 10-0. 20 minutes to go.

Tristan wasted no time in getting 300's second half on the way. Having set up more goals than scoring in the first half, he scored his third of the game and 300's 11th.

300's forward line were having a ball and gave Trailblazers a tough time with wrist shot after wrist shot. While Kyle, Tristan and Walson dominate the scoring charts, defender Choon Hong (a.k.a Nick Toong) got on board as well. Marcus got on the bandwagon too with 5 goals in the second half.

There was a period mid-way through the half when the secretariats were given no rest time. Marcus hit the net at the 10th minute and added another 6 seconds later (the stats don't lie.) After a time out was called, Kyle scored two more in 20 seconds. Good job secretariats!

Reader, you're probably bored by now after all the stats so eventually, it ended 0-26.

With that, marks the end of 300's PFL Div. 2 campaign. Good job to the keepers and defenders for keeping a clean sheet.

And the final man of the match can of isotonic drink went to...
DARYL OOI.. who was often left unnoticed in the middle by Kyle and Tristan but ran like a Spartan and displayed qualities of a player any coach would want in their team.

To team Trailblazers, you fought till the very end. With that, we, 300, salute your courage. We've been there before so let this be a stepping stone in your floorball journey and most importantly, don't give up!

What's next? Prize giving!

Monday, April 12, 2010

300 G3: Speared

Branded one of the games to watch of this year's league, 300 met newcomers Spearhead on the 3rd of April.

Newcomers or not, never underestimate your opponents.

Both sides came out at full force in the first 10 minutes, so much so that it seemed end-to-end.

300 drew first blood when they took full advantage of a free hit. Taken by Sonia, Marcus shot, but just as it was about to fly wide, Kyle poked it in for his fourth of the campaign.

Not long after, Spearhead's captain, Daniel Boey took advantage of their own free hit and 300's unorganised defending. All square now.

300 had plenty of chances to reclaim the lead but were often playing out of position and rather clumsily, committing silly mistakes.

Spearhead took the lead before half time when Eric Wong was left unmarked in front of 300's goal and took advantage to slot in. 2-1 to Spearhead. A demoralising blow, the goal was (Yoda, much?) as 300 went downhill from there.

Fred was hit by a 2 minute penalty a minute later for incorrect distance. 300 had to hold on with 4 people for the remaining of the half and a couple minutes into the second.

And just as Fred's penalty ended, 300 were back with 5 players and ready to get back into the game, Nick Toong was given a penalty for a header. (really? didn't you think it was more ball to head?..anyway.) Down to four, 300 played mostly in their own half as the ball could barely travel pass the half way line before it was intercepted by one of the Spearheads(Spearheaders?).

But Spearheads's advantage lasted only so long as one of their players was given a penalty for obstruction (more penalties than goals at this point). So the ball was going back and forth again and 300 picked up the pace as time went on, desperately trying to get the ball in the back of the net but failed.

And all of a sudden, 300 found themselves down to 3 players when Sonia and Marcus were given penalties only seconds apart. 5 vs 3, Kuan Yang threw in Nick, Ray Gan and Tristan during the power play. Spearheads' numbers and size advantage proved too much to handle and they made it 3-1.

Seconds after the time-out, Daniel Boey scored again to make it 4-1 and the game virtually out of 300's sight. Nick served his second bench penalty for lying play in the final minute. It was like rubbing salt into wounds. However, 300 displayed a never-say-die-even though-300-were- kinda-like-dead attitude when Sachin provided for Walson for 300's consolation in the last seconds.

Final score: 2-4 to Spearhead.

Although 300 were outmuscled by much bigger opponents, they still played as a unit and rallied around eachother after all the bench penalties and silly mistakes.

Man of the Match Award went to unsung captain Ray Gan for keeping his cool and tireless defending (pictures please, Kuan Yang)

No once in a lifetime can of isotonic drink this time though as it wasn't anyone's birthday. Maybe one for Kuan Yang, for all those heart attacks 300 might have caused him at such a young age. :)

After the game, the Spartans and a few 300's took the court for the weekly training.

Next up: 300 vs Trailblazers

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

300 G2: Off The Blocks

Frontliners 300 recorded their first win of this year's PFL campaign with a 7-1 victory over fireBRANDS Patriots last Saturday.

Sounds so professional.

Frontliners 300 were in attacking mode against Patriots this time around and were parked in front of Patriots's goal in the first half. However, they stood firm and proved a stubborn side to break down when Patriots keeper, Joyce pulled off five saves in quick succession. Frontliners still found it hard to find the back of the net even when Patriots had only 4 players on court.

Walson was the first to break the deadlock with an assist from Tristan. Walson has the honour of scoring 300's first goal of this year's league nearly 8 minutes into the game.

Frontliners were made to wait for their second goal. About 10 minutes, if you're wondering how long exactly. Patriots often caught 300 on the counter attack which left Kuan Yang fuming at the forwards who didn't drop down. No Michael Cheah this time to lead the Spartan cheer and the hairdryers. According to our chatbox, he was in Ipoh at that time.

(Fred found Kyle in the corner of...)

Kyle scored 300's long-awaited second goal after a neat assist from Fred.

There was no long wait for the 3rd goal, well, maybe 'cause any longer and it would have been the 2nd half. This time, Walson repaid the favour and turned provider for Tristan to score.

Half time: 3-0.

FireBRANDS came back with a cracker in the 2nd half, when 17 seconds in, caught 300's line off-guard and scored. Not long after, Marcus was handed a 2-minute penalty for heading the ball. (Too much football, Marcus?)

Kyle scored his 2nd of the game and 300's 4th with a neat wrist shot in the 4th minute of the 2nd period when Patriots were once again down to 4 players.

Six minutes later, Fred and Kyle linked up again and Kyle scored his hat trick.

Sachin received 300's second bench penalty of the game for repeated offences. Slashing 3 times in a row. Even when down to 4 players, Tristan managed to score and make it 6-1.

Marcus, the youngest player in the squad, added another in dying seconds to make the final score 7-1.

AND FINALLY, even after working pretty hard and having a hat trick to his name...

Kyle looks a little uncomfortable receiving the Man of the Match Can of Isotonic Drink. Gatorade this time around.

And another once in a lifetime can...

Captain Ray Gan who, looks rather reluctant to receive the can of Gatorade, turned 15 on match day. (I guess 300 prefers 100 Plus, coach.) :)

NEXT UP: 300 vs Spearhead.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Playground Floorball III

Unfortunately, FFC does not have a full-time club photographer, so make do with more and more words.

Our beloved "home ground", PBSM was unavailable again that week, so Frontliners trained at Taman Gelugor again, bringing some life to the otherwise quiet neighbourhood.

With Div. 2 in a week, Kuan Yang was still practising dead-ball situations. This time, it was less messy. In the absense of the b-ballers, Frontliners could utilise the whole court and have more game time.

That was about it.

Oh YEAH, Frontliners welcomed a new player to the club, a GIRL. Really.. when was the last time we introduced a new female player with the sudden influx of SXI guys over the recent months?

Introducing.. ZOE CHOW ZHU QING (photographer needed here, seriously), who finally made it for training after constant bugging from Pei Li.

and she impressed even Coach Kuan Yang.